Nautic 990



The newest Nautic 990 will delight customers with its dynamic appearance and modern hull line. The graphite roof and a lot of x-rays emphasize its style. 

Nautic 990 is a comfortable 9 meter boat. The yacht has a spacious and functional deck. The solar zone allows you to rest in a lying position. In addition, a comfortable bench has been integrated into the bow, which will provide the user with relaxation and beautiful views. Practical and easy communication on the deck is ensured by two half-decks of equal width - bird ones leading directly to the stern platform, the projection of which is close to 100 cm so as to ensure comfortable access from the pier. The spacious cockpit with 180 × 210 cm seats will comfortably accommodate all passengers.

The space below deck will welcome guests with coziness and perceptible comfort - Asymmetrical bow cabin will ensure better communication and greater use of space in the seating area. The aft cabin, with an impressive width of over 155cmx220cm, guarantees not only comfortable sleep and rest, but also thanks to its transverse layout - a very important storage / technical space behind its wall in the aft part. In the wardroom there is a table with a sleeping function with dimensions of 135-155x220 cm. And all this is complemented by practical cabinets and shelves, the highest quality materials used and  light flowing from large windows, so that the user does not lose contact with the surrounding nature.

* Nautic 990 may be called depending on the region of sale.

Technical data

  • Total length of the hull: 9.1 m
  • Total length of the LOA: 10.1 m
  • Width: 3.0m
  • Draft: 0.42-0.65 m
  • Engine power: 40-200 HP
  • Number of berths: 4 + 2
  • 7-person crew
  • Max speed up to 50km / h with a 200HP engine
  • Max speed up to 15km / h with a 40HP engine
  • Water tank: 80-240L
  • Fuel tank: 80-240L
  • Faeces tank: 80-240L
  • Weight approx. 2800 kg
  • design category C7, B5